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Non-Executive Director coaching 

Image by Jeremy Thomas

What do you get? 

unlock new levels of success and fulfillment


What to expect? 

  • 2 hours with an experienced executive career coach to develop your thinking and planning for your move in to a non executive director career

  • The support of an experienced career coach

  • Comprehensive CV review and production of your new NED CV to support applications

  • Supporting cover letter or personal statement

  • Analysis of your LinkedIn profile

  • A confidential career conversation

  • A boost in developing your future career


Who is it aimed at? 

Those looking to:

  • Make transition into a non-executive career

  • Gain clarity on the steps to transition into a non-executive roles

  • Plan for the future and a change of pace

  • Those looking to give back after a successful executive career through non-executive roles

  • Understand more about the non-executive role

  • For a boost and to gain traction in transition

  • Gain support from an expert to make the transition


Who delivers this?

One of our accredited executive career coaches. Our coaches have all been personally vetted and hand- picked for their impressive professional background. We look for real personality and a touch of stage presence as well as rock-solid credentials and a career track record that will match the senior professionals they work with.

Select the coach you want to work with from the coaching pool that you feel would be the 'best fit' to support with your goals, growth and development.


What is the outcome?

  • Support with planning for the future career

  • Raised awareness of the work required to make the successful transition to non executive roles

  • Clarity on the stages of career transition

  • Comprehensive new NED CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to support future career ambitions

  • Improved confidence and a clear roadmap to achieve success

  • A return on the investment made

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