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Need a new CV or a different type to apply for a particular role, like a Non-Executive Director for example?


"CV Service Unlike any Other"

At Paul Starbuck & Associates, quality, forward focus, and personal branding all go hand in hand. Today's employment market has evolved beyond everything we have come to know - especially at the highest level. It is no secret that the world has gone through a period of unprecedented change and it is crucial that you adapt to it. Nowadays, businesses are looking for candidates who can not only perform their duties and fulfil their responsibilities but have an active part in driving the business forward. 

Our expert CV service provides not only the physical documents that will aid in your success but also the clarity, confidence, and the tools necessary to navigate the challenges of the current employment markets - putting you in the best possible position to realise your objectives. 

Our Core Writing Principles

With every single CV, Cover Letter, Bio, or LinkedIn Profile, our talented writers strive to create documents that:

  1. Are easily digestible. We employ only the best formatting and layout techniques to ensure maximum impact at first glance, putting you in the best possible position to impress the recruiter. 

  2. Strike the perfect balance in communicating your unique value promotion and achievements while establishing the clear scope of your previous roles and responsibilities. 

  3. Take you and your career to the next level by employing the "So what" factor and showcase your value not only as an individual within a role but as an important asset for the business in delivering its long-term objectives. 

So, no matter what stage of your career you're at - whether you're an executive looking for progression or that next exciting challenge or a Non-Executive with the passion for supporting businesses in achieving their objectives at the highest level, we have the right level of support and expertise to get you there. 

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