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Change Just Ahead

What is the hardest part in making a complete career transition, is a question I often get. Thinking more broadly, the the common challenges I see in career transition from my own career journey and in supporting clients fall in to these five bullets below...

1. Making the conscious decision you actually want to do something different. Big decision, now what do you do? And how to you go about that?

2. Actually figuring out what you do want to do can take a very long time, in many cases years. For some; the fear of making change, leaving the safety of the present, or embarking upon the wrong road holds them back. We may have to go and try some stuff to work out what we really want to do in our work, what we really enjoy.

3. You have to develop the skills needed to do the work you want to do. Sounds obvious but in becoming a coach, you have to learn how to coach of course but you also need to learn the business of coaching, how to market yourself, how to find work.

4. Fully appreciate it's a journey not a destination.

5. It's hard work but incredibly rewarding doing work you really love.

As you start to think about the New Year, and put this challenging year behind us, what are your plans to grow your leadership and fulfil your career aspirations / potential in 2021?

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