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Gaining your first Non Executive Director position

What advice would I give to someone looking to securing their first Non-executive Director position is something I have been asked a lot recently. The role is quite different to anything we may have done in our corporate careers. The CV is slightly different, routes to market a little less clear, interview different again and a role not without its risks. That said it's a fantastic role and incredibly rewarding in so many ways. So what advice would I give a prospective NED...

1. Understand the role - you are developing in to a different role.

2. Know what the skills and the value you would bring to a board - why would a board want to hire you?

3. Be clear about what sectors you want to work in, the work you want to do and the value you can add in those areas.

4. Craft a great NED CV and role specific cover letters for each application - show you have the skills to meet the brief.

5. Most NED appointments come from the boards network. How can your network help you? How will you build a new network for that portfolio NED career you want?

6. Build a great plan to get the portfolio career you want and bring it alive.

7. Get support from people who can help you on your journey

Hope this helps...please reach out if there is anything we can do to support your portfolio NED career.

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