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Simon Brown - Associate Executive Coach

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Simon is passionate about helping individuals unlock their full potential.  As a professionally qualified ILM 7 executive coach, he works with CEOs, senior leaders, and founders to help them conquer their toughest challenges and pull out their innate capacity for peak performance.

Career Background and Strengths

With an extensive 20-year leadership career in the financial services, transportation, and technology
sectors, Simon brings a wealth of experience to his clients. During this period, he has worked on all sides of the boardroom table as a banker, strategy consultant, corporate finance advisor, investor, and client.


His diverse background in these industries, combined with professional certification in psychometrics and coaching, allows him to leverage insightful, real-world examples and provide high-quality services to board-level executives.


Simon is also a seasoned Board Member himself and a Fellow of The Institute of Leadership.  He currently serves as a Member of the Board of Trustees and Chair of the Strategy & Finance Committee at the regional mental health charity Thurrock & Brentwood Mind.

Coaching and Leadership Experience

Simon's approach to coaching is to create a safe, secure, and confidential environment where clients can address complex issues, identify goals, and emerge with a clear direction and plan of action to deliver on their objectives. Through powerful and challenging conversation, he encourages leaders to consider issues through multiple lenses - and once there is clarity of direction - to commit to execution whilst eliminating barriers that stand in the way of success.


Simon believes that coaching is one of the most powerful forms of self-development and organisational transformation. He strives to understand his clients' deep-rooted desires and the emotional drivers that underpin their motivation for change.  He specialises in the areas of personal growth, leadership performance, stress recovery, corporate strategy, stakeholder management and corporate finance. 


His unique value is that he has experienced first-hand the power of great coaching and has been on his own journey of discovery during a 20-year career in leadership.  This often means he can truly empathise with client challenges and quickly help leverage a desire for change that will have maximum impact. 

Key sectors


  • Transportation & Mobility

  • Venture Capital

  • Investment Banking

  • Technology

  • Consulting & Advisory

  • Charity & Mental Health

Qualifications and Training


  • Fellow - The Institute of Leadership

  • Level 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches & Mentors - ILM

  • Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) Practitioner - Thomas International   

  • Corporate Coach International - RTC Leadership & Training  

  • Strategic Leadership Programme - Roffey Park Institute  

  • Member - Association for Coaching

What Clients Say


“I can recommend Simon without reservation. He is a lead professional in his field and, without a doubt, has the skills and qualities to support other senior leaders. I have been a headteacher of 3 schools and the CEO of a Multi Academy Trust. His ability to help me focus on the key issues is impressive and very motivating. As a result of my work with him, I feel positively positioned to move forward in the next steps of my career.” 

Paul Chadwick


Inspiration outside of work 


Simon lives in Essex with his wife, three boys and dog.  He enjoys spending time with his family, long walks in the country, pub lunches, reading and international travel. 

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