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About US

Through our executive coaching program, we can support you with your personal and professional development and help you to work through any challenges you may be
facing or changes you need make. 

Thinking of a career transition? We can support you as you work towards a transition and then stay in your corner whilst you experience your first few months in the new role.
Together, we can build your self-confidence, raise your profile, and better your self-awareness. 


We use psychometrics and honed questioning techniques to help our clients get to know themselves better, so they can truly understand what they’re capable of and what that means for their future career. 

Not only can we help you to realise and achieve your full potential, but our CV Writing Services also ensure you’re showcasing your skills in the right way and to the right people.

What to Expect

Our coaching sessions are entirely client led, completely relaxed, open and...dare we say it? Fun! We want to help you grow; we’ll challenge you, but this is always done in an environment of trust, great rapport, and respect.

We will support your decision-making, challenge you to grow and uncover the potential you may not yet see within yourself.

“Paul Starbuck & Associates are very good at instilling trust. My coach’s questions really encouraged me to reflect and discover answers which had previously been difficult to find.”

Ed Falzon

We do what we do because we LOVE it

At Paul Starbuck & Associates, we’ve successfully coached hundreds of executives and senior leaders through our programmes; we get a real buzz out of helping them to see what is possible and then watching them reach their full potential. 

We’ve been there; we’ve walked in the shoes of the people we want to help, which gives us unique insights into what it’s like to strive for success at the top of an organisation.

Our coaching philosophy is simple: we’ll always put you, the client, at the centre of everything we do. We work hard and challenge ourselves to be ‘the coach YOU need’, in the context of YOUR goals. 

Everybody is different, so we’re always flexible in our approach. We like to keep things as simple as possible whilst being inspirational, challenging, and supportive in helping you to become the best version of yourself.   

“Not only did he help me find a route through a complex career transition period, he showed me first-hand the power of coaching. Paul has an engaging and genuine character and I immediately felt at ease and trusted him fully as we worked through a range of issues. His broad and extensive experience allowed him to offer a most perceptive mix of support, challenge and humour"
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