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“I worked with Paul over a 9-month period as part of BT’s executive talent programme.  I can genuinely say that that the experience and insights that Paul brought about were game-changing.  Through the perfect balance of challenge, support and encouragement, Paul created an environment wherein I was able to critically assess my values, motivations and desired career outcomes.  With that clarity, we then worked through a specific and measurable plan of action, which, in turn, gave me real data points to build upon.  What made this possible was Paul’s adeptness as a coach but also the real-world experience he had from his time as senior leader in industry – he’d walked in my shoes giving him credibility and authority.  Finally, Paul is a great guy – his personable nature really allowed me to open up, shared my inner-most thoughts and make real breakthroughs.  As a result, I’d highly recommend Paul as a coach – you’ll enjoy the journey and have real impact against your personal or professional goals.”

Ben Thomas

Director Global Operations for British Telecom

Paul Starbuck was excellent whilst challenging me....
Paul Starbuck provided an excellent coaching session. Whilst putting me at ease from the start, he challenged my thinking, provoked conversations that drove my views forwards and really made me consider things which I was missing. A great session that I would highly recommend!
5 stars: Excellent
Highly recommend

Hywel Price
Commercial Director, Smart Industries Limited

Paul, with his humorous and calming attitude, had been an indispensable partner for me through challenging times of my professional career. He did help me find my true north of expectations and questioned through what is it that I can do to influence- in my own way. 
During 8-9 months of coaching sessions, we almost never skipped a session without him surprising me with his deeply connected questions that brought clarity to my fuzzy concerns or prospects. His coaching is impressive in showing how crucial it is to ask the right questions at the right time.
Paul has been over and above my expectations and I comfortably recommend Paul as an executive coach.

Oguz Aytekin

Senior Engineering Section Manager at GE Aviation

Paul has been my excellent coach for 8 fun filled sessions over 6 months. His gentle coaching took me through a discovery process and helped me to sort out my thinking. He listened thoughtfully and skillfully directed our conversations. His light-hearted approach and critical questioning accelerated my learning about what I need to do to become a NED.

Harry Moss - DPhil, C.Eng., FIMechE.

Director, Engineering Assurance Specialist, Board Advisor and Asset Integrity Consultant, IM3R Limited and ex-BP

Paul has coached me through my transition to a portfolio career, and I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding professional experiences I have had. Paul is empathetic, challenging, energetic, humorous, and has an enormous wealth of experience to draw on. His easy-going style was accompanied by a laser-focus on encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone. I enjoyed every minute, even when he put me on the spot with difficult questions, and most importantly, I have gained a great deal from the process both professionally and personally. I’d recommend Paul to anyone as a coach or colleague.

Colin Reed
Reap Consulting Limited

"Working with Paul Starbuck as my coach has been a transformative experience. Over the course of six months, Paul dedicated his time and expertise to help me address my weaknesses and unlock my full potential. Through his insightful mentoring and skillful guidance, I was able to make significant strides in stakeholder management, delegating tasks effectively, building confidence, and overcoming self-doubt.
Paul's coaching style was exceptional. He not only provided valuable strategies and techniques, but he also challenged me to question myself and discover my own solutions to the challenges I faced. His ability to ask thought-provoking questions helped me gain deeper insights into my strengths and weaknesses, enabling me to leverage the former and improve upon the latter.
I cannot overstate the impact Paul had on my professional growth. His unwavering support and commitment to my development instilled in me a newfound sense of belief in my abilities. With Paul's guidance, I learned to navigate complex stakeholder dynamics with finesse, delegate responsibilities with confidence, and silence the inner critic that held me back.
I wholeheartedly endorse Paul Starbuck as a coach and mentor. His expertise, empathy, and genuine dedication to his clients' success make him an invaluable asset. If you're seeking to unlock your potential, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals, I encourage you to reach out to Paul. His coaching will inspire and empower you to become the best version of yourself."

Francois Orhan

It really was a pleasure to work with Paul. Whilst our sessions were very relaxed I found them hugely interesting and powerful. A fresh perspective on my journey, skills and development areas for a more deliberate plan of my future career. Some very useful tools and tricks for future planning and being a more effective leader. Would recommend Paul to any leader, his wealth of experience and “down to earth” approach combined made our sessions really insightful. Thanks again Paul. 

Scott Carolan

Chief Digital Officer at NTT Ltd. Europe

I have been working together with Paul on my Leadership Development, Development of my future career path and my Personal Development in general for the last 11 months. 
I have found Paul very professional and supportive as well as challenging and funny (with great sense of humour) at the same time. It was really a pleasure working with Paul during the entire time. He was my first executive coach, and the benefits of his coaching exceeded my expectations. I can truly say it has been a positive experience where Paul has regularly pushed me to look at things/challenges from different perspectives, without which I would not be able to uncover my hidden strengths. 
With Paul's help, I now have a clear vision and set of goals for my future, that I am focusing on following his constructive support and feedback.
I would thoroughly recommend Paul as an executive coach.

Stefan Kellner
Reckitt - Global Supply Chain Leader

I have just completed 3 months of coaching from Paul and I have to say that during those 3 months of training I have never enjoyed or looked forward more to having a coaching session as I did with Paul. Going into the start of the coaching I had reservations of what I was going to achieve during it however, after the first session I instantly knew that this was going to be a great journey. Paul proved to be such a positive coach who really got me to think about who I am and what I can achieve and this was all done with such positive energy coming from Paul. Paul really makes you engage your thought mode and there is no doubt that I have become a more rounded leader who is confident and not willing to compromise. Paul is a coach who really inspires you to become the best you can be. I would recommend any leader who is looking to develop their leadership qualities to book in some sessions with Paul, you will not regret it.

Ian Barnes
Director of Operations
YOOX - Net - A - Porter

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