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Accelerating executive performance
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Accelerating your performance is our top priority at Starbuck & Associates

Everyone is unique, with differing challenges, goals, and aspirations, therefore our coaching packages are tailored to be all about you. Whether you're a senior leader facing tough decisions, an executive striving for self-improvement, a high-potential talent looking to shine, or a leader stepping into a new role, we support you on your path to success by accelerating your performance.

We don't just talk the talk; we've walked in your shoes. Our first-hand experience gives us valuable insights into what it takes to achieve within an organisation, as well as how to bring people along on the journey.

Masters of change

Starbuck & Associates is unique as all our coaches have decades of experience as board members and senior leaders of large teams, guiding numerous high-performing individuals and organisations through ambitious change programmes. With these backgrounds, we'll empower you, challenge you to grow, and help you and your organisation uncover untapped potential.

We specialise in mastering change fast. Whether you're an executive, C-suite manager, director, or senior leader, your success is our passion, and we're dedicated to helping you and your teams become the best you can be.




Choose from our Silver Executive, Gold Executive, Platinum Executive, or Tailored Executive packages, each offering distinct session durations and access options (Details in our Services Guide).


Regardless of your choice, discover what to expect, what you'll achieve, and who will coach you.

CV & Linkedin services

Get a new high-quality CV that will be delivered in five days.

Highlight your transferable value and your unique skills. Is also expertly tailored to your desired career path. Expertly formatted and proofed.

Or, for maximum impact why not include a new supporting cover letter or personal statement or a refreshed Linkedin profile.

Career Coaching Review

A two-hour, one-on-one session with an experienced executive career coach who will help you navigate the path to your future career. Receive personalised guidance and support tailored to your unique journey.​

Get a new enhanced CV and Linkedin profile for maximum impact. 

A 360-Feedback Assessment is designed to provide individuals with constructive feedback on their leadership abilities and behaviour. The goal of a  360 Feedback Assessment is to help individuals better understand their strengths and areas for development as leaders. This feedback can be valuable for personal and professional growth.

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