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Liz Connelly - Executive Coach, Supervisor and Mentor Coach

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Career Background and Strengths

Liz has a successful 20 year track-record in the pharmaceutical industry. She has worked predominately for Pfizer within training and sales & account management before taking on a Sales Director role for a
small organisation working alongside a number of high-profile companies.

Her passion for developing people has been fundamental to her success, coaching both her team and peer group; empowering those around her to strive for continued improvement and ultimately excee
ding sales targets.


Liz is a highly skilled award-winning Master Certified Coach, helping her clients transform to achieve outstanding results. She works with clients around the globe from CEOs to sales representatives; from large global organisations to sole traders and everything in between. Liz’s ability to ask insightful, challenging questions is second to none allowing her clients to commit to changes in order to achieve
their goals.

Liz is an inspirational trainer; designing and delivering numerous training programmes for all levels of client. This ranges from new & experienced sales representatives, key account managers and managers of all levels from first line managers to senior leaders and C-suite. Liz has worked with clients from many
backgrounds including pharmaceutical, NHS (clinical and non-clinical), FMCG, technology & banking. Her real strength is working with leaders to upskill them to coach in order to create a coaching culture.

Building on her passion for developing people, Liz is also a trained Coaching Supervisor. This allows her to focus on developing other coaches to be even better by facilitating a reflective space for their own reflection and growth.

Liz holds a Master Certified Coach credential with the International Coach Federation and is an NLP Business Master Practitioner and Licensed NLP trainer. Her focused CPD enhances her skills as a trainer and coach, you will often see her reading another book. Much of her spare time is spent with The Scouts,
holding senior leadership positions as well as running sections for young people from 6 to 18 years old.

Key Sectors
  • Executive Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Coaching skills

  • Sales Management

  • Account Management

  • Coach Training

  • Sales Training

  • Team Development

  • Virtual Training


  • BSc (Hons)

  • MCC (Master Certified Coach)

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