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Looking for that portfolio career including Non-executive Director roles?

It is a fantastic lifestyle working a few days a month in each organisation but how do you go about securing a NED role?

There are typically fours stages in securing a NED role;

1. Preparation - understanding the role, the skills you bring to a board, developing the NED CV and cover letters all supporting the application process. Boards recruit NED's for their skills and the value they add. What skills do you have to offer a board? How good is marketing material?

2. Application - most NED appointments come from networks. Building a powerful network is important in supporting your application. How powerful is your network in supporting your NED applications?

3. Interview - articulating the skills you bring to a board, demonstrating your NED credentials and the board chemistry. How good is your interview preparation and what questions would you ask?

4. Evaluation - with the same legal responsibilities as any other director in the organisation it is important to evaluate the risks you are taking on and good due diligence an important stage. How would you go about understanding the risks inside an organisation and how would you mitigate?

Please reach out if you ant to learn more....

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