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My Portfolio Career Transition

Building on an earlier post I was reflecting on what I've learnt moving from a corporate career role to more of a portfolio career consisting of executive coaching, mentoring and consulting over this last year. Here's some thoughts for those wanting to make the move in to a portfolio career...

1. Focus on what you can do and not on what you cannot do

2. Be clear on what work you enjoy and what you want from your work

3. Don't let the past be your biggest obstacle and hold you back

4. Embrace your uniqueness, don't try so hard to fit in.

5. Get comfortable with getting things wrong, embrace it

6. Get going, get perfect later

7. Don't make your career change be just about you, you have family and friends

8. Build a good plan, hold yourself accountable to it and work hard to bring it alive.

9. Create a powerful network of clients, competitors, professionals, supporters.

10. Get help! I couldn't have made a successful transition without the support of professionals to help me, help myself on the way. Who can help you build a successful portfolio career?

What else would you add to this list to support others?

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