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New Career Ahead

I'm sure I'm not alone thinking about the New Year and saying goodbye to what has been a pretty tough year for most of us. It is also the time many leaders start to take stock of their careers and think about exploring new opportunities in the context of their own potential and aspirations.

For some leaders though this might be a bit more of a challenge. Maybe stuck in a rut, loyalty to the company, comfort in the current role, the love of the people and the work are all common reasons as well as the fear of trying something different.

For some leaders it may be as simple as not really knowing what they want to do in their career or need support to make the change they want to make. Here's some thoughts to support.

1. Get out of your comfort zone, life begins outside of it! What is the first step you can make to get out of your comfort zone?

2. Set some goals and create a plan.

3. Take risks - nothing great rarely comes from doing nothing!

4. Don't go it alone, who can help you on your journey?

5. Switch up your daily routines - creating a plan is the easier bit, bringing it alive is generally more difficult.

If you are stuck in fulfilling your career potential or aspirations, drop me a message, I'd be happy to share my experience.

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