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The First Step

Making the conscious decision to move forward in your career, to fulfil your potential, can sometimes be the hardest decisions to make. The security of familiarity in the current workplace against the risk, fear and challenges of building a career in a new place, all stoking some self limiting beliefs for some of us.

Whilst I always embraced and thrived on leading change in the workplace, deciding to take personal change or stretch came surprisingly less easy. A sense of loyalty to the people around me always took precedent over my own career aspirations. And yet every time I made a career change I always discovered I had made the right choices and found myself kicking myself for not making the changes sooner. The hardest parts were making the decision in the first place, or it being made for me, and then the first three months in a new role as I adapted to the new challenge. Yet every time I rose to the opportunity and grew my leadership and confidence.

As we move towards the New Year and new resolutions or ambitions be bold, be brave and work to fulfil your own career potential. Strive to be the the best version of yourself.

If there is anything I can do to support the development of your own career aspirations please drop me a message.

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