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The Portfolio Career Lifestyle

I absolutely love the portfolio career lifestyle, the autonomy, the variety of work and the freedom outside of the corporate system. Making that transition though is not that easy and certainly not for the faint hearted, but highly rewarding!

What advice would I give to those embarking upon their own transition to that portfolio career? These 11 points below form part of the presentation I gave through BrightTalk for In Touch Networks (link below) that might just help...

1. Be clear on the work you want to do, how and why

2. Focus on what you can do

3. Don't let the past be your biggest obstacle and hold you back

4. Embrace your uniqueness, don't try so hard to fit in.

5. Get comfortable with getting things wrong, embrace it

6. Get going, get perfect later

7. Don't make your career change be just about you

8. Build a good plan

9. Create a powerful network

10. Get help!

11. Work hard, have fun and reap your own rewards!

Please reach out if there is anything we can do to support you in building your own amazing portfolio career.

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