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The Secret of Change

A wonderfully simple quote, but we all know leading people through change in the workplace is never quite that straight forward! Change is an inevitable consequence of progress in more normal times but this year we have all had to endure very different challenges too. With Brexit on the horizon, crucial Christmas trading for many and embracing the 'new normal' post pandemic the pace of change this next year is looking equally, spirited!

I always found taking the colleagues with you on the change journey is the hardest thing, keeping everyone informed and truly engage in the future you are trying to create. Change is difficult, hard and can be brutal when done without the colleagues at the centre of the decision making. Your change is not their change, not unless you help them understand what you are trying to achieve and how they can be part of the journey.

Having led a number of big change programs I know this isn't easy but when done well, transformational change can have a very powerful effect in embracing real change in your organisation.

Drop me a note, I would be more than happy to share the benefit of my own experience to help support the people changes in your organisation.

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